Ainslie Tennis Club Inc, Canberra ACT

49-53 Paterson St, Corroboree Park


About Us


Ainslie Tennis Club is the second oldest club in Canberra, having started in 1928. We have a thriving social scene, with social tennis from 2-4pm on Sunday afternoons (9am-11am during daylight saving hours). Our players also participate in competition (pennant) tennis throughout the year and we have won more than 100 pennants during our history. We also offer coaching, for adults and juniors. 


Club Rules


Children under 12 are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


Do not use courts for any sporting activities except tennis.


All players are to book through Book A Court to ensure that courts are available and that the correct fees are paid.


Leave facilities clean and tidy (cleaning materials available in cupboard under sink).


Put rubbish and recyclables in the appropriate bins beside the clubhouse.


Turn off internal clubhouse lights after use and close the door. It will lock automatically. External lights are controlled by a timer.


Report any maintenance or damage to the Club's Asset Manager, Mary Ryan, on 0400 875 329.


Keep the gate closed at all times during events such as Social, Racqueteers and Pennant tennis.

No smoking inside the boundaries of the courts and clubhouse.


Follow any advisory signs.


Player Insurance


Insurance for players is available through the club and Tennis ACT for current registered players.


Your Tennis ACT Player Registration is your ticket to tennis, and your protection against the inconvenience of injury.


When Tennis ACT receives your current registration payment you are immediately covered as part of their national insurance program (Personal Accident Insurance). If you sustain an injury whilst playing tennis you may be entitled to compensation.


The website for the insurance scheme is


When are you covered? To provide income protection and death benefits and/or as per Special Benefits Endorsements to the Insured Persons in the event of an accident occurring while performing tennis or associated competition, tournaments, practice events, training, associated training, activities connected with the sport of tennis whilst staying away from the insured persons usual residence including but not limited to a tour, camp or event or involved in any voluntary labour, club/association business including administrative activities, meetings, presentation nights and/or any other organised functions including travel to and/or from and/or between the locations of the activities and/or events. Any activity must be authorised by the association and/or club.


To make a claim you will need to call SportsCover immediately after the incident on 1300 134 956. Your claim details will be taken over the phone and SportsCover will send you out an insurance kit.


Contact the Club President for more information.


Information in this section is subject to change. Please check with Tennis ACT for latest insurance details.


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